학과/연구실현황성균관대학교 대학원의 학과/연구실현황을 알려드립니다.

Types of Graduate Schools

Graduate School Professional Graduate School Special Graduate School
Aims To acquire knowledge on basic theories and to conduct advanced academic research
To train experts for research and education
To investigate into practical theories and research
To train experts of a certain profession
To educate workers and provide lifelong education to adults
To train workers and non-workers as a specialist
Courses Master/Doctor/Combined MA-Ph.D Master
※ Ph.D and Combined MA-Ph.D also available for certain schools
Degrees(Credits Required) Academic Degree
(MA: 24, Ph.D: 36, Combined MA-Ph.D: 51~57)
Professional or Academic Degree
(MA: 30~45, Ph.D: 36)
Academic Degree
(MA: 24 or more)

Facts and Figures in Research Area

BK21 PLUS Project
  • BK21 PLUS is a national human resources development project initiated to produce creative masters and doctoral-level human resources that will lead the “Creative Economy” of Korea.
  • Project Visions

    ① To strengthen research groundwork as a research-oriented university and to improve global competencies
    ② To cultivate advanced, creative human resources
    ③ To strengthen regional graduate school’s education and their research competencies

  • Groups/Teams in SKKU Participating in the Project
No. Dept. of Project Group/Team Name Website
1 Interaction Science Interaction Science for Developing Global Human-Informatics leaders focusing on UI/UX
2 History A Project Group for Transversal Education and Research of History in the Global Age
3 Journalism and Mass Communication Center for Conflict Resolution and Social Integration Communicator
4 Eastern Philosophy Constructing Educational and Research Global Integration Lab for Confucian Studies
5 Business Center for Creative Leaders in Frontier Management
6 Public Administration Pursuing an Empathic Government: Through Convergent Leadership Development Program
7 Law A Research on Educational Reform for Cultivating Law Professional in ICT Global Legal Standards
8 Social Welfare A Research Team for Social Services Responding Proactively to Future Social Risks
9 Psychology Research Group for Training Empathy-Based Leadership
10 Education Cultivating Creative Talents Through Educational Informatics
11 Sociology A Training and Research Team for Social Research Experts on Social Integration Infrastructure
12 Consumer and Family Science Big Data Based CACI(Consumer Analysts for Consumer Insight) Development Group
13 Energy Science Integrated Energy Center for Fostering Global Creative Researcher
14 Physics Division of HRD for Next-Generation Leaders in Physics
15 Electrical and Computer Engineering ICT HRD Institute for New value Creation
16 Chemical Engineering Creative Convergence Institute for Chemical Engineers
17 Mechanical Engineering HRD Center for Human-Friendly Convergence System
18 Pharmacy Center for Global Creativity in Pharmaceutical Education and Research
19 Medicine 21st Century Biomedical Sciences Leader Development Program
20 Nano Science and Technology Pioneering Nano-Based Convergence HRD Center
21 Mathematics Creative Mathematical Science Division
22 Chemistry HRD Center for Creative Convergence Chemical Sciences
23 Advanced Materials Sciences and Engineering Global Elite Cultivation (GEC) center for Emergent materials
24 Biological Sciences Education Center for Creative Leaders in Integrative Biology
25 Genetic Engineering HRD team for creative global biomedical engineers
26 Civil, Architectural and Environmental System Engineering ICT Convergence Management of Buildings and Infrastructures
27 Water Resources Global Frontiers of Eco-smart Water NEXUS
28 Industrial Engineering Research & HRD Team for Smart Factory Design, Operation and Optimization based on Industrial Data Analytics
29 Food Science and Biotechnology Creative HRD team for food development for life-care
30 Service Design Convergence Interdisciplinary Human-Centered Service Design
31 Crisis, Disaster and Risk Management Creative Technology of Crisis, Disaster and Risk Management
IBS(Institute for Basic Science) Project
Global Ph.D Fellowship
  • GPF(Global Ph.D Fellowship) aims to train world-class Doctors and provides financial support to graduates for their study and research.
  • Fundings: 30,000,000KRW per year for 5 years
  • 164 SKKU graduates were selected for the project since 2011.
BICS(Biomedical Institute for Convergence at SKKU)
  • BICS aims to extend on-campus cooperative research in Biology and to train experts in Research Troika of New Challenge Project.
  • Research Fields
    Field Graduate School
    • 1. Imaging-based diagnosis techniques
    • 2. Imaging-inducted treatment system
    • 3. Image processing techniques
    • 4. Molecule/cell/tissue biometric imaging
    • 5. Disease imaging system
    • 1. Developing next-generation biometric materials
    • 2. Developing nervous/sensory sensors
    • 3. Developing next-generation drug delivery techniques
    • 4. Developing converged(Nano+Material+Neuroscience) diagnosis techniques
    • 5. Developing fundamental technology for disease clinical research
Other Main Research Projects/Groups
Campus Name of Project/Group
Humanities and Social Sciences Campus SSK(Social Science Korea) Project, Project for Infrastructural Basic Research, HK(Humanities Korea) Project, CORE(initiative for COllege of humanities’ Research and Education) Project
Natural Sciences Campus LINC(Leaders in INdustry university Cooperation) Project, Plant Study Project, SW-Centered University Project, Research Support by Grand ICT Center, Project for Developing Fundamental Technology, Support by SRC(Scientific Research Center), Support for Grad. School of Entrepreneurship, Project for Developing High-tech Medical Treatments