학과/연구현황성균관대학교 대학원의 학사제도를 알려드립니다.

Social Science
Doctoral Program
  • - SKKU’s Doctoral program is a resarch-oriented program that seeks to become the leader in business education by producing the next generation of leading researchers, teachers, and scholars in relevant fields.
  • - Educational Objective
    • · To produce competent researchers who will become pioneers in academia
    • · To create experts with a vast knowledge and understanding of specific majors
    • · To produce competitive specialists for business education
  • - Educational Distinctiveness
    • · All English Lecture : All lectures are conducted in English by full-time faculty membrs
    • · All Full-time students
    • · Scholarship Benefits: All students are guaranteed some form of scholarship. The level of scholarship depends on the students progress in the program
Ms Program
  • - SKKU’s Master of Science program aims to produce area specialists for professional positions in diverse business environments.
  • - Educational Objective
    • · To produce specialists suitable to work in enterprises or research center
    • · To train capable of diagnosing problems and formulating managerial strategies to apply in the real world
    • · To develop the ability to analyze, evaluate and interpret managerial outcomes
  • - Educational Distinctiveness
    • · Nurturing of high quality global talent : Many lectures are conducted in English to promote global competitiveness
    • · World-class faculty : MS courses are taught by SKK Business School’s highly regarded professors who have obtained Ph.D’s from world-class Universities
    • · Master Thesis : Graduation requires the successful completion of a thesis paper Scholarship Benefits : Merit-based scholarships and matching scholarships
    • · Scholarship Benefits : Merit-based scholarships and matching scholarships stimulate a devotion to study
    • · Mentor System : MS program students benefit from a mentor system with chosen faculty who organize and provide additional lecturing
  • - Major Areas

    Accouning, Organization/Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, MIS/Operation, Frontier Management*only for international students