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Department of Architecture
The pedagogic objective of the Department of Architecture at Sungkyunkwan University is cultivation of future designers, managers, researchers, developers, bureaucrats, and builders in order for them to be fully harnessed with multi-disciplinary expertise and skills. Understanding the characteristics of the domain as the fusion of art and science, is followed by a repertoire of specialized and practice-oriented studies, in order to embody the most prepared domain experts for defining the built environment.
Undergraduate Program in the Department of Architecture is centered around the Design Studios. All other theoretical and technological courses support the Design Studios. As the years progress, the size and the complexity of the projects will grow, accordingly the ramifications of base-knowledge in supporting courses will widen and elaborate. Currently, under the leadership of the Faculty Meeting of the Department, it is stressing the importance of the following fields in next ten years; Media Technology, Sustainability, and Global Experience.
Graduate Program in the Department of Architecture is centered around research. The strength of current research is in the following fields; Design, Computation, Urbanism, and History/ Theory/ Criticism. The Department of Architecture is closely linked to the Department of Architecture Engineering, Landscape Architecture, and Civil Engineering. Hence, the prospect graduate student can easily reach to other fields of knowledge.
The next ten-year vision of the Department is to internationalize the program and to provide cross-pollinated experience for all students. Currently, 12 students from the architecture schools in Spain (ETSAM, Europea, Granada) and 12 students from the Department engage in the 6-month Student Exchange program.
In addition, 15 students from the Department engage in Summer East-Asia (Japan, China, and Taiwan) Workshop and 10 students from the Department engage in the summer Workshop with Spain. We hope to expand this with the architectural schools in the USA, England, Germany, Netherlands, and France in near future.