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제목 Acceptance Notification/Enrollment(Tuition payment) for 2016 Fall(2nd) Graduate Admission 조회 2254
작성자 입학관리팀 작성일 2016.07.28

Dear successful candidates,


Please click And then select

"Admissions Decisions for Intl Students(2016 Fall(2nd))" from the list. 


Please fill in your birth date in 6 digits(YYMMDD) and your application number.

The application number has been sent to individual applicants' email. You can also

find it at online registration website( if you applied online.

(If you can't find your application no, please contact the office of International

Student Services Tel. 822-760-0025, Email


You can print out your tuition fee invoice. The applicant provided scholarship by

the department(college) in Natural Science, Engineering, and Medicine Field should

ask for information of registration to administration office or office of international

student services.


Please complete the payment by August 3 as well as the application for an

acceptance certificate for your visa.


Once again congratulations on your acceptance.